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This is not that kind of place. I promise.

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Welcome to the Myogenesis Therapeutic Massage, LLC Blog!


Another day, another blog written by some well-meaning professional telling you how to live your life. Wait…what? No, this is not that kind of place. I promise. Actually, that could become the company motto—"Myogenesis Therapeutic Massage, LLC. This is not that kind of place. I promise." Works, right? But, I'm getting ahead of myself...

Welcome to the first ever blog post for Myogenesis Therapeutic Massage, LLC, which will be referred to here on out as Myo because the former has too many letters to keep on typing over and over and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is real. Should've thought about that when I was choosing names. Coming up with a company name plays out much like it does when naming one's children, doesn't it? You get all introspective…What message am I trying to convey? What clientele do I want to appeal to? Will it take care of me in my old age or just dump me in some crappy nursing home? You get one shot to get it right, so don't mess it up. Right? Anyway, MY name is Dana Farmer. Myo is my baby. I named it. If it grows up to hate its given name, I'll foot the therapy bills and in return it will hopefully choose a very nice nursing home for me to live out my twilight years.

Myogenesis Therapeutic Massage, LLC motto
Our actual motto.

Who Are We?

The question that begs to be answered at this time is: Who are we? And not in the existential crisis sense, but who are we as a company? Myo is a mobile massage company serving Orlando, FL and its surrounding areas. We meet you as you are, wherever you are. Home. Office. A vacant lot. We're flexible. As it reads in our 'About' section: "Myogenesis Therapeutic Massage, LLC offers evidence-informed, results-driven, mobile massage therapy." What does that even mean??? The long and short of it is that concrete, scientific evidence is the cornerstone of our practice and there is a damn good reason for each technique we use in a treatment session. It means we are careful, methodical, and dedicated to helping you attain a desired, reasonable outcome each time you come to our table. Lifted too heavy at the gym and now your shoulders are screaming? Your plantar fasciitis is raring its ugly head -er- foot? Need some on-site assistance at an upcoming sportsball tournament? Want to add chair massage to your next event? Just want to relax? Myo's got you covered for all that and then some. Our growing list of offered modalities is a testament to this and we will always keep learning in an effort to better serve your needs.

Who am I?

Now that you know about Myo, get to know the woman at the helm. Around the time I turned 38, my kids had grown to a point where my role as a 10-year stay-at-home mom seemed almost obsolete. The stay-at-home part, not the mom part. Let's face it, they always need their mommy. I wanted to reenter the workforce, but the thought of languishing behind a desk did not fill me with excitement. Then my ever-supportive husband innocently suggested that I go back to school to do something that I was passionate about. Just like that —switch gears and charge headfirst into the unknown. Couldn't be simpler. Um…Hello? Does he not know who he's been dealing with for the last several decades? I don't switch shampoos without launching a full-scale fact-finding campaign, complete with charts and graphs. Now I've gotta figure out what I'm passionate about?!? Fine. You win. Since Queen of Everything is already taken (Thanks, Beyonce), I guess I'll become a massage therapist. And that's how it all came to be. The end.

I'm kidding. What actually happened was that I reflected on the stint I did in physical therapy during my first failed attempt at training for a marathon (For the record, IT Band Syndrome is NOT fun. Train responsibly, folks) and the lovely massage therapists I was introduced to prior to my first successful attempt at training for a marathon. The fact that we humans can positively influence our own healing process absolutely floored me. What further astounded me was that people got massage for a myriad of reasons, not just to relax and be pampered. Holy guacamole. Game changer. BTW, I hate the word 'pamper' in all its forms. Guacamole is Ok, though—so long as there's no cilantro in it. That stuff is nasty. With the hard part done, it was time to find a school. A school that, no doubt, would be full of fresh-faced youngsters just brimming with the arrogance of youth, but I was determined. Fear is a formidable deterrent, but it's also a powerful motivator. No FOMO for this girl. I HAD to know more.

My first day of school went as it does for many students. The kids took my mugshot and sent me on my way, backpack slung over my shoulders and lunchbox in-hand. I sat in the front row and raised my hand to answer every question like the know-it-all teacher's pet that I am. My classmates started calling me Google. Eat your heart out, Hermione Granger. 9 months later, I had my license and my first job in over a decade—chiropractic massage. It's not for the faint of heart, but it taught me a lot. So much so, that I'm sitting here now, a small business owner, blogging all about how I came to follow my chosen career path. Life is crazy like that.

First day of massage school.
How it started.

First professional headshot.
How it's going.

There you have it!

You know all about me and Myo. We are now best friends. Come back anytime. There will be punch & pie, the answers to all your burning massage questions, and the latest in massage news and research to gorge yourself on. Buon appetito!

Have we piqued your interest? Click the button below to book a treatment session!

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